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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family, Holidays, and Snow

We had our first snow storm start up this morning here in good ole Iowa. I love the snow but of course it happens the day that everyone has to travel. Good thing I don't have to go far but I'm not really concerned with my ability to drive in this weather, it's everyone else out there that I'm scared of. Please don't hit my car people!

BuddyDank Radio will be live on the air tonight for the Mookie! I may end up broadcasting remotely but either way I will be on. Not sure I'll have a cohost or any guests but I do have at least one thing planned for the show. 'Name That Donk!' will be part of the show again. Pokerpeaker expressed interest in being on last night during the Bodog thingy so now I just need 2 more contestants. I'll put the word out tonight but if you are interested just let me know. Plus if you feel like gabbing on the show tonight just drop me a comment and we will make things happen.

14 Days and counting!

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