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Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm am fucktarded.

Played bad all last week. Played drunk Friday and went out of the donkament because I am in fact a fucking retard! But that was only the begining. I lost my cash bankroll on Bodog to some more retardedness on my part but at least I have my T-cash for the Tuesday games.
I don't know how else to fix my bad play other than just not playing at all. Once I'm in retard mode there is no turning back. But of course I didn't stop, how could I? I was down and need to be up right? BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGGS!

Hopefully I slept those sessions off last night and can get back to my A game tonight.

This weekend was just full of it. Had a family reunion on Sunday with part of my family that has not spoken in 47 years.(Don't ask!) Watched some great football games but missed the biggest one being the Steelers coming back to take down the Browns. And cleaned 80% of my place almost to the point where I could probably have a woman over and she might not run out screaming.

Make sure and get into the MATH tonight! BDR will be on with some announcements and we'll see what else I can conjur up.

December Gathering info for BuddyDank.
I'm flying in on Wednesday the 5th. I've never been to Vegas so I wanted an extra day to check things out before I start hanging out with everyone.
Staying at the IP because it's cheap, a lot of other bloggers are staying there, and I don't really plan on spending too much time in the room.
And I'm flying out Monday morning on the 10th.
Can't wait to meet everyone!

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