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Friday, November 16, 2007

Anal itch cream is the shit!

So I've run deep in the past two games but no final table goodness. I went out of the Mook in like 15th place and the Riverchasers in 11th. I won't go into the suckout that I lost on last night as I laid a doozy on VinNay shortly before that. But regardless I'm playing better than I had been so that's good. It would have been nice to at least make some money doing it though.

We had a great time on Wednesday during the Mookie on BDR. MiamiDon was our guest and he had quite a lot to add to the show so we will definitely have him on again soon. Cracknaces was a nice surprise to have on as well and he was way nicer then I had imagined. And the highlight of the evening came when Carmen stepped in and talked to us for a bit! Such a sweety.

Who know's what the weekend holds for me but I'm hoping to play in the Big Game on Sunday as long as my bankroll supports it. I've bombed out late in the token frenzies lately but will try again before Sunday.
I might even go play some live poker at the local casino tomorrow. We'll wait and see how that turns out.


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