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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Remeber the scene with the zipper in Something about Mary. It's still the most action I've had in months!

BuddyDank Radio! Now with 2X the Ghey!

I'm experimenting with a streaming webcam in my studio. The address is and it is also on my main page I will normally have it on when I'm broadcasting in the evenings and definitely during Wednesdays Mookie broadcasts. Yes it's kinda boring but the main idea behind it is to use it during the December Blogger Gathering. We'll see how that goes though.

Crapped out about halfway through the field during the Mook. I was my own worst enemy and just wasn't paying enough attention to my table to use any information to my advantage. I find I often have this problem when on BDR so tonight will be all about poker. Yes BDR will be on air but don't expect me to ramble on with Tragedy or anything until possibly later in the evening. Well that is, if I go out before that I guess.

See you tonight at the Riverchasers!

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