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Monday, November 26, 2007

My Protege Rocks!

Thursday during the Riverchasers event was the most fun I've had in awhile. Not because of how I played or did in the tourney. I went out in the middle of the pack and I don't even remember how because that is not important right now. What's important is that my boy Ricky424 took it down baby!!!!
Ricky's a friend of mine and part owner of BDR. We were roommates for a couple years and during that time I was playing a ton of poker. So I credit myself with his success as I feel I taught him well. Watching him play was so much fun that I was on the floor half the time. We were on Skype discussing this and that early and then after my dismissal I hung up and told him I'd call him back when he made the final table. I continued to watch his table and the tv and after seeing him win a huge pot with jackace off suit against jackace and if I remember right pocket queens or kings. He hit a four flush with his jack of spades and was back on top of the leader board after bleeding off chips with some really horrible calls.
Seriously only had one way to win this hand and got it. So sick! He did get a few railbirds following him around to make sure he knew what a donk he was. All good stuff.

But I'm not here just to tell you how bad he played, cause he also made some incredible moves with his newfound aggresive play. I made a point not to give him any advice on how to play any hands because his play had already gotten him to this point and I was just there for encouragement. Yes he got lucky when he needed to, like when he was all in with Ace rag against a bigger ace only to split the pot and stay alive when they both rivered a straight, but he also played very well and now has a seat in the TOC.

Make sure and visit his blog and leave nasty comments on how bad he is.

Tonight is the MATH and again it appears Hoy is experimenting as the game is a $10 rebuy! Wow, this should be interesting.

Turkey days was good and the family is as it should be. Not much to report there.
I did go to the local casino for a little live poker with Emptyman. Weird table with very little action and I left up $50 after watching Empty get stacked twice. Aces are not goot against Cowboys all in preflop and then he gets to play slots with the wifey. Ouchy.

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